F   E   L   L   O   W   S  H   I   P
Gathering his people; Maximizing the giftings we already have!


Peace & Blessing

I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for browsing PHOG Fellowship Churches, Incorporated.

The PHOG Fellowship Churches, Inc. was established in March 2004, through the inspiration and

leading of the Holy Ghost with much prayer, to bring individuals together to worship the Almighty in the

“beauty of holiness”. Since the conception of the fellowship, we have grown and inducted many

fellowship churches.

It is our vision that this fellowship bring about a conglomerate of churches of all denominations out of the

“FOG” (form of godliness) of traditional church and religion into the PHOG (Power of Holistic Living

through the Guidance of God’s Word). It is to unite the body of believers by incorporating foundational

truths from God’s holy word on His:

~ Oneness (Jesus is God and God is Jesus)

~ All men are sinners

~ The New Birth (We must be born again)

~ Water Baptism

~ Speaking in Tongues

~ Miracles

~ Holy Feast Days (not traditional holidays set by man)

~ Dietary Law

~ Holy Sabbath (not man’s holy day)

~ Tithing

~ Everlasting Life

~ Women Preachers

I pray that you too desire to come out of the “fog” and join PHOG Fellowship Churches, Inc., as we

journey to disciple men, women and children.


Apostle Jeffrey K. Knight

Presiding Prelate